Node.js Episodes

# 220 Setting up A Web Development Environment On OSX - Part 2


Level: Beginner

Author: Dave Schinkel

Tags: OS X HomeBrew Node.js WebStorm

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This episode revolves around getting some initial basic tools such as HomeBrew, Git, Node.js, and Webstorm installed as well as theming the terminal for a better developer experience.

# 219 Brown Bag: Node.js - SSH to a mySQL Database


Level: Beginner

Author: Dave Schinkel

Tags: Node.js

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This is a very informal brown bag I did at work. I go over showing some output from a mySQL database. I use Webstorm to show some example spiked code using some node middleware to create an SSH tunnel to a mySQL database (which lived on an Ubuntu server) and then I paint some records to a Jade template running over Express.js.