Reflection Episodes

# 140 Using Reflection to Invoke members


Level: Intermediate

Author: Derik Whittaker

Tags: Dot Net Reflection

Views: (5266) Watched: (3853)

In this episode we are going to take a look at how to use the reflection to invoke members on an object

Reflection can allow you to call methods, properties, etc of any scope on an object. This can be a very, very useful tool for the tool-belt for the times this is needed.

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# 49 Using Reflection to Populate a ComboBox from an Enumeration


Level: Beginner

Author: Derik Whittaker

Tags: Reflection Dot Net

Views: (3596) Watched: (4530)

In this episode we will walk you though how to use reflection to populate a ComboBox with the data in an Enumeration.

We will look at how to populate the ComboBox multiple ways and how to use attributes to create friendly names.