# 3 - Creating tests with NUnit

Level: Beginner
Tags: NUnit Unit Testing
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Derik Whittaker

In this episode we will cover the basics on how to create various unit test using the NUnit testing framework.  We will also review the different Assert helper classes that are part of the testing framework.
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Images/Screen Shots:

Methods to be tested
Shows the various methods that will be tested in the demo

Testing via Asserts
Shows the code for testing using Asserts

Testing using ExpectedException attribute
Shows the code for testing using the ExpectedException Attributed

Comments: (3)

Tr3v said....
why do you use if(items.Count == 5) { return true; } return false; instead of just using return (items.Count == 5); ?

5/29/2008 4:00:08 AM

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