# 30 - Diving Deeper into Ninject -- Contextual Binding

Level: Beginner
Tags: Ninject IoC
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Justin Etheredge
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In this episode we will walk you through how to use the Ninject IoC (Inversion of Control) Container for contextual binding.

Contextual binding is the ability to register more than one binding (object or interface) for a given type. You can then at runtime determine which type you would like by asking for that type.
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Comments: (51)

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Mr. Gilmore is a great help to us. I was in high spirits, Coach Outlet Store and direct conversation with unflagging spirit. Miss Halcombe seconded him resolutely, and I did my best to follow suit. This type of blue-eyed children that changing the expression that I learned to play so well, looked at me pleadingly as we SAT table. Coach Outlet Store Online Help my sister - the sweet anxious face seemed to say to help my sister and I can help.We got through dinner, it seems the least happy enough. Coach Tote Bags When Women are left table, and Mr. Gilmore and I were alone in the dining room, a new interest appeared to occupy our attention, and give me a chance to silence myself for a few minutes of requirements and welcome silence. Coach Sunglasses The servant was sent to track Anne Catherick and Mrs. Clements returned to his report, Coach Outlet and is displayed in the dining room immediately.

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