# 9 - Creating Templates in Visual Studio

Level: Beginner
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Derik Whittaker
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In this episode we will learn how to use Visual Studio to create both file and project templates.

Creating template will allow us to quickly create either files or projects that are setup and laid out in a common way. They can also reduce the amount of friction that is needed to get coding faster.
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Download (10.77 MB) (8:07) (1440x900)
Download (6.76 MB) (8:07) (960x600)


Images/Screen Shots:

Export Template Wizard
Shows the start of the export template wizard

Location of Saved Template
Shows the directory location where the templates are saved

New Project from Template
Shows how to create a new project from our template

Comments: (22)

Grant said....
I was actually trying to figure this out last week. This solution is simple, but i want to save a Solution Template with multiple projects. That one aint so easy :(

6/10/2008 12:04:49 AM

ado.net programming said....
@grant - exactly what I need as well...all my solutions typically has a wwwapp, object class dll project and references my helper dlls. Would be sweet to be able to create that in a flash, not that it takes too many minutes manually either.

7/2/2008 12:04:47 PM

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